How to Have Smart Cities Enable Innovation| Using Bold New Ideas To Solve Urban Challenges and Boost Municipal Revenues

By Albert Gibosse | Blue Label Weekly Magazine | IoT Verse |

Smart city technologies are attracting citizens everywhere while also boosting business and economic opportunities for entrepreneurs and municipalities, improving quality of life, while also making municipality operations more efficient.cropped-americas-food-basket-always-fresh-fresh-vegetabes2.jpg


Moreover, Smart City applications rely on a new class of intelligent devices as well as smart networking infrastructure platforms that enable continuous[reliable] connections for improved decision making.


That said, in order to ensure successful implementation, cities must rely on a proven quality IoT networking platform that can easily scale and that is also able to deliver the most secure and reliable solutions for their citizens.

Ketou Boutique | Women Fashion | 1612 Blue Hill Ave. Mattapan, MA 02126 |
Ketou Boutique | Women Fashion | 1612 Blue Hill Ave. Mattapan, MA 02126 |


Successful IoT projects must enable innovation across the full spectrum of city systems, including transportation, energy, water, health and safety, environmental sustainability and building management. At Blue Label Weekly Magazine, our IoT Consulting services, our multi-application platform approach enables seamless integration and coordination across numerous city departments and projects toward maximizing community value and return on investment.


Likewise, our IoT services leverage the same network for the deployment of additional smarter city applications over time, thereby, your city greatly reduce long-term costs and accelerate speed of deployment for all new services. Our robust partner ecosystem and strict adherence to open standards empower your city to have the greatest selection of solutions and applications and limitless extensibility, enabling you to forge your own path to the smart city future.



Our effective and efficient IoT services enable you to utilize an open, standards-based infrastructure toward providing your city the best foundation

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to meet these challenges. IoT Verse’s commitment to standards ensures interoperability across a diverse ecosystem of connected intelligent devices and applications. IoT Verse’s products deliver a reliable, secure and flexible integrated application that enables cities to have the power to choose the right solutions and scale for their smart cities projects.



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