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As analytics alone is just numbers, storytelling must be utilized to provide the data and analytics with an attractive aspect and convey the story to a person who doesn’t know digital. Granted one gets better in understanding all the digital tactics that they can do, they learn that certain tactics can pull certain levers, and understand which analytics come out the end.

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Set up Your Campaign to Effectively Drive the Desired Metric

Start by designing a campaign that addresses the customer’s awareness problem and drive people to know the company’s brand through session front takeovers and homepage takeovers on the website. Utilize keywords from his search campaigns and placed them into the ads. People searching for specific product(s) will see these keywords all the time.

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Bring Marketing Analytics to Life Through Data Storytelling

Subsequently, retarget to bring back prospects who searched for specific products and visited the website so you can drive down the customer’s cost per acquisition to about one percent or less, which will make a great storytelling win because you are able to show that all the money he’s putting in is going to have an output on his actual cost position at the end.

Likewise, pulling all the data entails using access to search engine marketing (SEM) and Google analytics.
Utilize audience analytics tag work smarter not harder close more deals now
Once this tag is place on their site, you’re able to fire all the marketing tags that you need without needing the client to do it themselves. A lot of these clients, especially if they’re small SMBs, don’t have a development team to place a floodlight pixel, DMP pixel, or any of that stuff. So, this tag allowed you to do that for the client.


Granted no one really clicks on an ad anymore, this stat tag enables you to show your blue label weekly INBOUND FOR SUCCESScustomer what pages people visited. With your DMP tag, you show the customer this is the audience that comes to your site. This is their demographic. This is their affinity. This is what they like to do. They like to golf, they like to play sports—you can share all these unique attributes.

Now you can take that intelligence and cater your customer’s marketing campaign to it and activate on that audience through the DSPs that you use.  More importantly, the stat tag is what really powers your analytics and powers your marketing efforts for each and every one of your clients.

Likewise, you must constantly evaluate different technologies to see how they can fit in with what you do and incorporate them into your systems and make it work.

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Deciding between DMP versus a CDPinbound success funnel

As a marketer, you need to look at each vendor and evaluate how their technology is going to work for your company’s strategy, versus trying to make your company’s martech stack fit what that vendor is selling.

The difficult part is figuring out what vendors do exactly, how their technology would fit into my marketing stack, and how they would benefit your advertisers in the end. Then, comes the funding or buy-in part.

Always determine how much of a product you’re going to use. If it’s less  than 25%, it’s not worth it. But, if you have three other departments that are going to use 25% each, then you can get buy-in and share budgets. You can all work together and bring on something that helps the company as a whole.
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People-based Marketing and a single view of the Customerblue label weekly the digital marketing experts plain

With all the devices we have these days, the traditional cookie is going to go away eventually. Thus, incorporating single sign-on to your website is ideal.

Customization: Identify that person and advertise to them

Showing them what they want and what they like at the right time. Although customization can be a little scary, as people think they are being followed, in some cases, female customers don’t want to see men’s products and vice versa.

Ensuring the clients’ campaigns succeed entails focusing on qualitative data and providing feedback and analysis.


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