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Published by: Albert Gibosse

Take the following steps in order to create and maintain a healthy work-life balance:

Encourage your team to take advantage of moments they can step away from their work and take a time-out.

Manage your time and priorities so you can work more efficiently and effectively at the and still have a fulfilling personal life.

Ensure that you and your employees avoid having lunch while working at a desk

Ensure a healthy personal life to prevent burnout, that will help you do better work and have more time for a personal life.

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Set healthy limits – like leaving work at work — for yourself and your team and enjoy some happy-hours with your staff.

Have a plan for urgent communications to avoid overworking, so you can leave work at work and also avoid checking work email and sending messages after work.

Assist your employees with staying focused on their main responsibilities and help them with becoming more productive

Delegate tasks at work and in your personal life

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Make a list of all your responsibilities at work and in life to figure out which responsibilities are absolutely, 100% necessary for you to handle, and identify the tasks that aren’t absolutely essential for you-and-you-alone to do

Delegate tasks to make room for the things that are more of a priority for you, like dealing with other important aspects of your job or doing things that make you happy in your personal life. Delegating will also help you spend time meditating and decompressing from the day.

Take gradual steps toward achieving a good work-life balance so you don’t end up stressing yourself out. Devise one feasible objective that can help get you closer to a better work-life balance and encourage your entire team to do the same by creating a unique goal as well as a time frame for achieving their goals. Some examples include: turning your phone off after 8pm on weekdays; Going away every other weekend; leaving work on time few times a week to play tennis.

Have each team member share their goal(s) with one another, and designate someone to regularly check in with the members to ensure that they’re either reaching their goal or getting support in reaching those goals.

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You Need a Support System

Create a strong support system through your team members as well as friends, family, and other folks that you trust and that can help you with achieving your goal(s).

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