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Granted women leaders and/or executives often face more difficult hurdles than men on the way to becoming CEOs and business leaders, here are six reasons to elect more women than men:

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Confidence and the strong belief in oneself

An unshakeable belief in oneself is an essential trait in women leaders that enables them to forge a culture where no one seeks to undermine or demoralize others at their own expense.

Women with a deep sense of self-confidence are more inclined to accept critiques and feedback on their leadership styles.

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A natural willingness to nurture

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Whereas, in the current male-dominated cutthroat climate, “nurturing” is seen as a soft and disposable trait, women natural nurturing trait rather promotes fairness, justice, and intuition as strength.

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A strong focus on achieving one’s goals and maintaining equilibrium

The most effective women leaders maintain a clear and consistent vision of what they wish to achieve, as well as a commitment to reaching their objectives that are often illustrated by her drive to balance professional obligations with her life outside of work. A precarious balance that requires creativity and flexibility.

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Building and leading teams

It probably can’t be said that women are better at developing relationships and building teams than their male counterparts. However, they can make use of their intuitive natures to discern conflict within a team—and then seek to resolve that conflict—as well as follow their instincts to favor a team approach, rather than asking an individual to take on too large a challenge.

Willingness to question the status quo

Strong female leaders frequently challenge the status quo by rejecting the traditional approach to strategy and find more sustainable result-oriented solutions versus the conventional.

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Not afraid to ask for help

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Women leaders tend to feel less inhibited about reaching out for input and guidance when necessary. They understand the limitations of trying to do everything themselves and see great value in empowering others to assume greater responsibilities.

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