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Why Women Are Better Leaders than men!     

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IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH [Your Health Matters]Focus on small more achievable targets to attain optimum health

My Health Matters Blue Label Diri Shela Rice Great Delicious Food Recipes by Blue Label Weekly Magazine [ ]
Published by: Albert Gibosse

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  • Healthy nutrition
  • Focus on the important

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  • Stop procrastinating
  • Think of your workout as a necessity rather than plain leisure
  • Make your bathroom more welcoming and turn your bathtub into a nervous system-soothing haven
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  • Escape and explore the world around you
  • Change things
  • Be constantly gratifying
  • Use your free time wisely

Click here for more details: IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH [Your Health Matters]

Veganism[Vegan’s Diet]

Published by: Albert Gibosse

Vegans do not eat meat, fish, or poultry and do not use other animal products and by-products such as eggs, dairy products, honey, leather, fur, silk, wool, cosmetics, and soaps derived from animal products.

As some people become vegans for many reasons, including health, environmental, and/or ethical reasons, others choose this lifestyle to promote a more humane and caring world and believe they have a responsibility to try to do their best, while not being judgmental of others.

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  • Vegan Nutrition
  • Protein sources
  • Meeting Fat Requirements
  • Meeting Vitamin D Requirem
  • Meeting Iron Requirements
  • Sources of Iron
  • Meeting Omega-3 Fatty Acids Requirements
  • Meeting Calcium Requirements
  • Meeting Zinc Requirements
  • Meeting Vitamin B12 Requirements
  • Egg and Dairy Substitutes
  • Typical Vegan Foods
  • Eating Out